Our Story

We are a group of women dedicated to the education and promotion of the Republican values.

We strive to insure the most qualified and ethical individuals are elected to public office by:

Encouraging members to educate themselves and others on local and national issues.


Promoting basic Republican philosophies and working to elect top-notch candidates.


Serving the local communities by assuring responsible government.


Promoting qualified women’s participation and advancement throughout our political system.

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Our Values

Individual Freedom

We believe that individuals should be free from government interference in our lives.

Limited Government

We believe most decisions on personal matters, like how we live, reproduce, love and worship, should be left to individuals without government interference.

Quality Public Education

Most people forget that public education was a Republican idea in the 1800s, to provide a common understanding for citizens of all backgrounds, so they would have common values and preparation to be good citizens. 

Strong National Defense

We believe in intelligent
investment that provides a military which can deter others from dangerous actions.

Encouraging Capitalism

We believe in policies and programs that encourage capitalism as the best method to create wealth, a higher standard of living, competition and individual and group success.