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New Hanover County Board of Education Meeting

June 8, NHC School Board meeting lasted till midnight with 50+speakers. No CRT but more LGBTQ passed by our NHC School Board. Outside was a world of it's own, as opposing views came face-face. Area Republicans, Republican Candidates, NHC-GOP and NHC Republican Women were there to represent our side of important issues for our community.

NHCRWC Attends the NC-GOP State Convention

The Trump Supporter numbers were nothing short of overwhelming. The VIP Reception was a crush. The Ballroom was at capacity plus. The 2021 NC-GOP State Convention will go down in the annuals. NHC Republican Women Club was there.

Our Mission

We provide an avenue of political involvement for women who share the Republican philosophy, to promote and inform the public through education and activity thereby increasing the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government. We also seek to promote and empower women interested in their future with the Republican Party and work towards the election of strong Republican nominees. We all must protect our Life, Liberties and our pursuit of happiness.

Welcome! To the New Hanover County Republican Women's Club

​Our club offers opportunity to connect with area Republican women. We offer opportunities to remain connected with our elected officials throughout the County and the State. We offer many occasions to know our candidates and party leaders. 

Providing our club members with the knowledge, support, and empowerment of women which will strengthen NHCRWC to meet our goals and better serve New Hanover County Republicans.


Members receive a variety of services and access to political activities and information.

Through fundraising efforts, volunteer efforts, and educational opportunities, we advance our candidates and support our Republican leaders.


We hope you will choose to become a part of this amazing group of women and to share in this journey together in making NHCRWC all it can be.


Please join the wonderful fellowship of the NHCRWC!

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